Our approach to corporate governance?

Fenner has a strong culture of devolved autonomy, which encourages entrepreneurial leadership and empowers local management teams, thereby driving better performance from individual businesses within Fenner; in turn, this enhances the success of the Group. Given the relatively autonomous structure of the Group, the Board recognises the importance of ensuring that robust governance standards are implemented throughout the organisation. Group policies, developed and sanctioned by the Board, provide guidance on business behaviours and emphasise the expectation that all Group operations should share the same vision, values and standards of governance as the Board, regardless of the type of business or geographical location in which they operate. Appropriate controls are in place to help ensure that expectations regarding corporate governance are met.

The Board receives regular reports on the performance of the operations. In addition to considering reports, the management teams are reviewed by the Board via meetings and presentations. The review of strategy and the management of risk are key areas of Board focus. Shareholder requirements are also managed by the Board and it acts as a conduit between shareholders and operations, to ensure that their interests are aligned.

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Half Year Report 2017

19 April 2017

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Fenner Overview July 2017

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