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AEP is a group of related growth businesses that use advanced polymeric materials and technical expertise to provide high value-added solutions to its global business customers.

Business mandate:

  • Performance-critical niche products
  • Proprietary technology and manufacturing expertise
  • Small relative purchase for customer
  • Continuous product development
  • High margin businesses

Advanced Sealing Technologies

Precision Polymers

Solesis Medical

ECS is an established global supplier of industry-leading heavyweight conveyor belting and related services to mining and industrial markets, with particular strengths in Australia, Europe and North America.

Business mandate:

  • Conveyor belts which provide users with the lowest lifecycle cost for the reliable operation of conveyors
  • Full range of heavyweight belting with strategic service offering
  • Australia: clear market leader reflecting a local manufacturing base, technology and superior customer service; joint emphasis on coal (metallurgical and thermal) and hard rock (iron and other ores)
  • Europe: broad industrial base in local and overseas markets
  • North America: industrial business with growth opportunities and operating improvements; adapting to structural changes in coal mining
  • Opportunities in emerging mining and industrial regions

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Principal products and services

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Fenner Overview 2017

An overview of the Fenner Group - 12 December 2017