Vision and strategic framework

Our vision is to enhance Fenner's position as a world leader in reinforced polymer technology through being the leading global provider of local engineered solutions for performance-critical applications.

Fenner’s strategic framework has been developed in support of this vision. The framework has enabled the Group to respond to the challenging conditions that it has faced in several of its key markets and to provide the basis on which the Group expects to resume growth and deliver shareholder value.

AEP and ECS have leading competitive positions in their chosen markets

  • AEP businesses have strong positions in niche markets. ECS is one of two leading global suppliers of heavyweight conveyor belt
  • Market leaderships are based on established brands, applied technology and product quality, supported by a strong ethos of customer service

Fenner participates in markets which offer good prospects of stabilisation, recovery and sustained growth

  • Fenner’s medical markets have particularly exciting growth prospects
  • Our oil & gas and mining markets are stabilising and there are some early indications that recovery has commenced
  • The industrial niche markets in which we operate have generally shown steady growth in excess of GDP
  • We expect Fenner businesses to outperform their markets by increasing share

Fenner is a global group with businesses located across developed and emerging economies

  • Fenner operates on every continent with particular strengths in North America
  • Earnings are generated predominantly in US dollars, euros and Australian dollars
  • Fenner is able to direct investment into those regions where prospective returns are most attractive

Fenner is led by a restructured and experienced management team

  • Fenner management has deep knowledge of the specialised industries in which it operates
  • Significant changes have been made during the year to reflect the challenges and opportunities which the Group now has
  • Fenner has continued to invest in human resources in important areas such as product development, marketing and health & safety

Fenner has a strong record of cost savings and cash generation

  • We have taken action to restructure and reposition the Group’s businesses to reflect changes in end market dynamics whilst maintaining business mandates and growth potential
  • Significant reductions in operating costs have been achieved and will continue through continuous improvement programmes
  • The Group continues to have a strong underlying operating cash flow

Fenner has a strong balance sheet and is soundly financed

  • Fenner’s businesses are well invested, with facilities operated to high standards and with appropriate production capacity
  • The Group’s balance sheet is underpinned by medium-term debt maturity
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Half Year Report 2017

19 April 2017

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Fenner Overview July 2017

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