Why it matters to Fenner

Fenner operates in a significant number of countries around the world. We seek to play a positive role in the local communities in which we operate by providing employment opportunities and building goodwill to facilitate Fenner’s ability to operate in its many, diverse locations.

What policies and practices are in place?

Fenner understands that its business activities could potentially have social and environmental consequences for the communities in which we work and we always consider the impact of such activities as an integral part of our decision making processes.

We firmly believe that the people who live and work within local communities are best placed to understand and look after the interests of those communities. This has led to the adoption of a devolved approach to community relations driven at a local, rather than Group level. In accordance with our Code of Business Conduct, the Group does not make political donations.

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Career Opportunities

Fenner companies use their websites to advertise job opportunities locally, link to our global locations map for a comprehensive overview of our operations and their contact information

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