Health & Safety

Why does it matter to Fenner?

H&S is a core value to Fenner. We clearly state in our safety management system that anyone working for Fenner should expect to return home in the same fit and healthy state in which they came to work. Through our Group policies, we require everyone who works for Fenner, regardless of their geographical location, to ensure at all times the safety of themselves and their colleagues.

What policies and practices are in place?

Since 2009, the Group Health, Safety and Environmental Management System Framework (the “Framework”) has provided a common structure to guide our activities and decisions. The process of continuous improvement generates a restless culture of unceasing challenge leading to a desire to always do better than we have in the past.

The foundation of our approach to H&S is risk management. The Framework provides guidance to individual operating units as to the expectations of the Board and the Group, whilst allowing them the freedom to develop appropriate systems to satisfy local legislation, practices and cultural mores.

To fully understand how effectively the Framework is being applied across the Group, a thorough programme of assurance activities has been developed. Key aspects of this programme are:

  • an annual review process for each operating unit delivering an annual safety management plan;
  • a global programme of assurance visits delivered through external, independent H&S consultants; and
  • a network of senior H&S professionals across the Group whose remit includes providing technical guidance, support and challenge to the local operating units.

Over the past 12 months there has been a more active use of collaborative tools to provide more effective support and consistency of approach across the diverse geographical locations of the Group.

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Career Opportunities

Fenner companies use their websites to advertise job opportunities locally, link to our global locations map for a comprehensive overview of our operations and their contact information

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Full Year Results Presentation 2017

15 November 2017