Health & Safety

Why does it matter to Fenner?

We believe that anyone who works for Fenner should expect to return home in the same fit and healthy state in which they came to work. In addition, all Fenner employees, regardless of location, are responsible for the safety of both themselves and their colleagues. This individual and collective responsibility helps to ensure a safe working environment for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and all those with whom we work.

What policies and practices are in place?

Fenner promotes a strong H&S culture at each of its operations. The Health, Safety and Environmental Management System Framework (“The Framework”) provides a consistent Group-wide structure and guidance to support and ensure continuous improvement. Within this guidance, variations are allowed to accommodate the cultural and legislative diversity across our global locations. Furthermore, The Framework provides individuals, operating units and new acquisitions with a clear understanding of what is required of them. As the accountability for H&S performance is delegated to the senior manager at each location, The Framework allows them the freedom to develop bespoke local systems to satisfy
the needs of the business, whilst at the same time encouraging sharing of good practice across the Group. The principle of continuous improvement is fundamental to The Framework, generating an unceasing challenge to always do better.

To ensure local interpretation of The Framework meets the Board’s expectations, a robust assurance programme is in place. Key aspects of this programme include:

  • a Group-wide review programme delivering an annual safety management plan for each operating unit;
  • a global programme delivered through visits by external, independent H&S consultants;
  • regular communication and conversations regarding H&S at Board level; and
  • a network of senior H&S professionals across the Group whose remit includes sharing of best practice, support and challenge to the local operating units.
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Career Opportunities

Fenner companies use their websites to advertise job opportunities locally, link to our global locations map for a comprehensive overview of our operations and their contact information

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