Engineered Conveyor Solutions

ECS is an established global supplier of industry-leading heavyweight conveyor belting and related services to mining and industrial markets.

ECS conveyor belts provide users with the lowest lifecycle cost for the reliable operation of conveyors. ECS offers a full range of heavyweight belting with strategic service offering.

ECS has a global presence, with particular strengths in Australia, Europe and North America and opportunities in emerging mining and industrial regions. ECS is managed in two regional business groupings, ECS Northern Hemisphere (which includes the Americas, Europe and India) and ECS Southern Hemisphere (comprising ECS Australia and smaller operations in Africa and China).

ECS Northern Hemisphere

North America

ECS is a recognised leader in the North American conveying market, where it trades under the respected ‘Fenner Dunlop’ brand.

ECS offers a unique, comprehensive range of belting products and services to customers in the bulk materials, coal mining and non-coal mining industries. Customers are served direct or through a network of independent distributors, and are supported by an ECS team of application experts and on-site service personnel to provide customers with optimal conveyor performance.

As parts of its strategy to increase sales to the industrial segments of the conveyor market, ECS has continued to enlarge its product range and to enhance its distributor network. ECS has launched its “Patriot X” range of belts, which provide ECS’s US customers with domestically manufactured belts for light to medium industrial applications.


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ECS’s European business is based in the Netherlands, within easy reach of European markets and ports through which international markets can be accessed.

The business trades under the globally-recognised ‘Dunlop’ brand and offers a full range of heavyweight conveying products which have been specifically developed to provide the longest possible operational lifetime and carry the toughest materials in the most demanding working environments.

ECS Europe serves industrial and mining customers throughout Europe and also in the developing markets in locations such as North/West Africa and the Middle East.


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UK and India


ECS’s factory in the UK, located in Hull, manufactures solid-woven, fire retardant conveyor belting for underground mining and industrial applications.

Fenner Dunlop’s global technology centre for solid-woven belting is also located in Hull, where the Fenner group was founded in 1861.


In India, ECS manufactures quality PVC solid-woven belting for the Indian underground coal mines and also for export to customers in the coal industries in Europe and North America.


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ECS Southern Hemisphere


In Australia, ECS trades under the well-respected ‘Fenner Dunlop’ brand.

It is the recognised market leader in the Australian market. ECS has modern belt manufacturing facilities which are located in the east of the country, serving the coal-mining industry, and in the west, to serve the iron ore miners.

ECS offers its customers a comprehensive range of heavyweight conveying belts, including ply, solid-woven and steel cord, and ancillary products, such as pulleys and idlers.

The product range is complemented by a service offering which includes application experts and on-site service personnel providing maintenance, monitoring and diagnostics.

Together, ECS is able to create complete engineering solutions which provide its customers with safe, reliable and cost-effective conveyor operation.


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South Africa

Fenner South Africa manufactures both PVC and PVG solid-woven belting for underground coal mines, and steel cord belting for overland conveyors.

Under a long-term supply agreement signed in July 2017, Fenner conveyor belt is distributed in South Africa and other sub-Saharan countries by a partner which has a well-established branch and distributor network which includes ECS’s former sales branches and service operations in the region.


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In China, ECS trades as Shanghai Fenner.

With its modern manufacturing facility and access to Fenner technology, it is recognised as China’s premier manufacturer of solid-woven belting for the most demanding applications in underground coal mining.


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